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Vaginal health, especially after menopause, has long been an area where women had few medical options, until now. Thanks to new laser technology, namely the MonaLisa Touch®, women have a new option for vaginal health. As a board-certified gynecologist, Fred A. Williams, MD, understands the importance of maintaining your health on all levels, which is why he equipped his office in Paris, Texas, with this innovative technology. To learn more about MonaLisa Touch, call or use the online booking feature to schedule an appointment.

MonaLisa Touch Q & A

What issues does MonaLisa Touch treat?

When it comes to vaginal health after menopause, the MonaLisa Touch is revolutionary because it provides a noninvasive solution that addresses the problems that come with your post-reproductive years, such as:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Painful sexual intercourse
  • Thinning vaginal walls
  • Vaginal laxity
  • Burning during sex because of inflammation
  • Stress incontinence

During your reproductive years, your hormones regulate the health of your vaginal tissue, which includes lubrication, to facilitate intercourse and childbearing. These hormones ensure that the walls of your vagina are lined with healthy, responsive tissue, full of collagen for tone and elasticity.

As you pass through menopause, your reproductive hormones drop considerably, and their absence is felt in many different areas, especially in your vagina and vulva. The decrease in hormones means your collagen production decreases, which may make it difficult to maintain an active sex life.

How does MonaLisa Touch work?

With the MonaLisa Touch, Dr. Williams is able to spur collagen production in your tissue to restore elasticity and tone. During your treatment, Dr. Williams inserts a wand into your vagina, through which he delivers a gentle CO2 laser energy. This energy passes harmlessly through your walls and elicits a mild healing response in your tissue, which comes in the form of renewed collagen.

With this renewed collagen production, your vaginal walls regain their strength, lubrication, and responsiveness thanks to new tissue with increased blood flow. This treatment also addresses stress incontinence by shoring up the support of your bladder inside your vagina.

The MonaLisa Touch works both internally and externally, so if your labia minora or labia majora begin to sag uncomfortably, Dr. Williams is able to treat these areas and tighten the tissue.

How many MonaLisa Touch treatments do I need?

Dr. Williams generally recommends three treatments, each lasting no longer than five minutes, spaced a few weeks apart to allow time for your body to respond to the laser therapy. The MonaLisa Touch treatments are quick and painless and you’re free to go about your day immediately afterward.

When will I see results from MonaLisa Touch?

Most women experience gradual results as they make their way through the treatments. Your body works at its own pace, so allow time for your tissue health to improve, which usually takes six to 12 weeks for optimal rejuvenation.

If you’d like to explore how the MonaLisa Touch can help you, call Dr. Fred A. Williams, MD, in Paris, Texas, or use online booking to schedule an appointment today.