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One in five women in the United States will have at least one urinary tract infection (UTI) in their lifetime, and the condition accounts for 10 million doctor visits each year. When it comes to UTIs, prompt treatment is best, which is why Dr. Fred A. Williams, MD, in Paris, Texas, offers same-day appointments whenever available. If you have a painful UTI, call or use online booking to schedule an appointment today.

Urinary Tract Infection Q & A

What is a urinary tract infection?

UTIs occur when bacteria enter your urinary tract, which affects your:

  • Kidneys
  • Ureters
  • Bladder
  • Urethra

Most infections stay in your urethra and bladder down in the lower part of your urinary tract. While UTIs can strike both sexes, they are far more common in women because of their anatomy. Women have a much shorter urethra and its opening is positioned far closer to the anus, which harbors more bacteria.

What causes a urinary tract infection?

Most UTIs — about 80-90% — are caused by a single type of bacteria called E. coli, which is commonly found in your digestive system. When these bacteria get into your bladder and multiply, it leads to cystitis. If they remain in your urethra, the infection is called urethritis.

The bacteria enter your urinary tract in several different ways, most commonly through sexual intercourse or by traveling the short distance from your anus. However, they get to your urinary tract, once inside these bacteria can create a host of painful issues.

What are the symptoms of a urinary tract infection?

UTI symptoms vary depending on the location and degree of the infection, but most women experience:

  • Pain when urinating
  • An increased urge to urinate, even though nothing comes out
  • Pain in your low back
  • Blood in your urine
  • Burning sensation while urinating

These symptoms build quickly and rarely resolve on their own, making a prompt visit to Dr. Williams’ office for treatment a good idea.

How is a urinary tract infection treated?

If you suspect you have a UTI, call ahead to see about getting a same-day appointment with Dr. Williams.

When you come in, Dr. Williams collects a urine sample from you to check for the presence of bacteria. He also reviews your symptoms so he can better pinpoint the exact location of your infection. Once he confirms a UTI, he prescribes antibiotics, which usually make short work of your infection.

While you wait for the antibiotics to kick in, you can relieve the more uncomfortable symptoms by taking over-the-counter pain medications. The antibiotics go to work quickly, but you should be sure to take the full course in order to make sure you completely rid yourself of the infection.

To get prompt treatment for your UTI, call the office of Dr. Fred A. Williams, MD, in Paris, Texas, or use the online booking tool to see if there’s a same-day appointment available.